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Ambient Quest Studios Books

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Vast Alien Crisis: Icefall Cities

Vast Alien Crisis: Firedrift Moon

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Ambient Quest Studios Games

The Salvaged Self
The Salvaged Self
An art game meditating on life, death and consciousness.
A journey into space through a fragmented memory palace.
An illustrated interactive prose poem of ambient moments.
Salvaging of self through the voice hidden in photomontages.
Still available for PC.

No longer available.

City Block Cats: neighbourhood cats compete for territory in a moonlit city block. A new game of feline relationships currently in development that features ambient gameplay mechanisms. Alpha version available to download for PC and Android.

No longer available.

Rokolector is a re-imagining of the classic Asteroids arcade game. Rokolector was available for Android devices.

A series of games was developed to investigate different ambient aspects of gameplay:

  Ambient Quest 1.0 - 2006
  Ambient Quest 2.2 - 2007
  Ambient Quest Pirate Moods - 2009
  Mark Eyles PhD thesis 'An Investigation of Ambient Gameplay' completed 2012
  City Block Cats - 2015 (no longer available)
  The Salvaged Self - 2018 (still available)

Find out more about ambient gameplay here: Mark Eyles' 2013 - 2021 website.

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