Join the Rokolector aliens as they smash up asteroids in the depths of space. The mighty ships consume the rocks produced, powering their furious appetites. Control your ship In the asteroid fields of outer space, dodging and destroying for glory!

  • A simple, fun and addictive game
  • Destroy asteroids and collect rocks to gain extra shields
  • Defend your ship in an astro-war survival game.
  • Controls optimised for touch screen devices - just touch to move!
  • Inspired by 1970s arcade hit and re-imagined to exploit modern technology
  • Variable ship acceleration and onscreen speedometer
  • Procedural graphics ensure high definition on every device
  • Original soundtrack evokes the outer space rock smashing action!
  • Fully featured with high score, pause and sound on/off

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Inspired by 1980's hit game Asteroids - kick ass-teroids! Created by Joe Eyles, find him at his out of date website here.

Thanks to Mark Eyles.