Vast Alien Crisis Duology


Hard Sci-Fi / First Contact / Space Opera

Icefall Cities

Deadly First Contact at the Edge of a Galactic Empire

Icefall Cities – Kindle edition
Icefall Cities – paperback edition

An alien controlled her mind and body. Stalked by an assassin. Attacked by killer robots. Lost in nightmare outpost cities at the edge of Settled Space. Deranged AIs quarrel in virtual worlds. Flocks of spaceships battle. The trans-dimensional bulk penetrated by a musical key. Stars, planets and moons destroyed on a whim.

First book in the Vast Alien Crisis duology.

Firedrift Moon

Star Spanning Alien Machines Awaken and Menace Settled Space

Firedrift Moon – Kindle edition
Firedrift Moon – paperback edition

Bodies transformed by alien biotech. Ships battling in the cloud layers of a gas giant.
Space warped and twisted by an extraterrestrial awakening. Exoplanet archaeologists arouse savage machines. Ancient android Mr Shaarck clashes with alien horrors. The extradimensional being Rippledarken unbound. Swarm weapons, deadly larvaliens attacking, weird alien mechanisms, crazed processing hubs, lethal androids. Firedrift’s moon is not the holiday idyll Checkani hoped for.

Concludes the Vast Alien Crisis duology.

Stellar Megastructure

Graphic Novel by 4T Thieves & Mark Eyles

Stellar Megastructure – Kindle edition
Stellar Megastructure – paperback edition

Myrstea and Zalliopeia in Peril
The chance discovery of a solitary shoe drifting in interstellar space leads to a deadly encounter with an astounding, star encircling structure. Stranded, the immortal Myrstea encounters the strangest worlds as she struggles to unravel their mysteries.

Storytelling with Pioneering AI Art
Outstanding, groundbreaking ‘text to art’ technologies were used to produce all the illustrations for this graphic novel by ambient artist 4T Thieves.