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Women in Games Conference 2004
University of Portsmouth
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Thursday 10th and Friday 11th June 2004

Useful links

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IGDA Women in Game Development Special Interest Group
The Women in Game Development SIG was formed to create a positive impact on the game development industry with respect to gender balance and equity.

Women in Game Development: Virtual Development Team
An educational collective formed to support newcomers to the gaming industry. Currently, aspiring designers, artists, programmers, and business women are working together on a volunteer basis to make a game and learn how the industry works.

GIST - Gender Perspectives Increasing Diversity for Information Society Technology
GIST aims to build a bridge between Gender research and Information Society Technology (IST) research and development. They are holding an International Symposium on June 24-26 2004 in Bremen, Germany.

Pinkfloor, home of PowerBabes. Camilla Lyngbo Hjort, CEO of Pinkfloor is giving a talk on this phenomenon on Friday morning.

Sylvia Eckermann writes: "I thought you might be interested in the game for girls my partner and I have just finished. "FemCity" is commissioned by the office of women's affairs in Vienna/Austria."

Computer Clubs 4 Girls
Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G) is a new kind of club full of interesting things to do. It's exclusively for 10 to 13 year old girls.

Heather Capelli
A good looking portfolio from one of the artists on 'Armed and Dangerous'.

Girl gamers with byte!

Game gals!

Women Gamers
Because women do play!

Joystick Junkies
... appeal to the non-gaming fashionable market - everything we do is focused on creating cool video games inspired products ... inspirational characters - jet setting IT girls who love designer brands and cocktails just as much as video games.

Women Animators
Women in the realm of Computer Visual Arts, Effects, and Animation.

Strategies of Inclusion: Gender and the Information Society (SIGIS)
For a long time there has been a concern that women are excluded from computers. However, there are important changes going on: the transformation of ICTs and their penetration into the home, education and the workplace means the level of use of computers, the internet, mobiles phones and other systems by women and men is converging. SIGIS has analysed 30 such initiatives and related processes of inclusion.

Game Girl Advance
Lots of cool stuff girl and game related...

Nik Racine - Conference Photographer
Examples of Nik's work.

Email Mark Eyles with any links you'd like to see listed here.

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