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Women in Games Conference 2004 Presentations

Left click on links to view PowerPoint slides.


Suzie Cardwell PowerPoint (approx 15 Mb)

The Hidden Gamer - the female audience for online 'casual' games.
Suzie Cardwell, 3RD Sense, London

Lizzie Haines PowerPoint

Research into Women and Girls in the Games Industry by Lizzie Haines for Media Training North West's Game Plan Initiative

Matilde Favre PowerPoint

The Game Plan - an innovative training scheme to encourage young women to consider a career in the games industry.
Mathilde Favre - Co-ordinator, Media Training North West.

Link to the Game Plan
Link to funding
Link to iCi partnership

Sheri Graner Ray PowerPoint

Keynote speech from Sheri Graner Ray, author of 'Gender Inclusive Game Design' and Senior Game Designer at Sony Online Entertainment, Austin, Texas, USA.

Lucy Joyner PowerPoint

Putting SOUL into Games - research into cultural variation in game playing at the Scottish Usability Lab (SOUL).
Lucy Joyner, Research Associate - the Scottish Usability Lab, IC CAVE (International Centre for Computer Games and Virtual Entertainment), University of Abertay Dundee.

Helen Kennedy PowerPoint

Interventions and Recuperations: Visions of Hope and Harsh Realities. Helen Kennedy from the University of the West of England.

Aleks Krotoski PowerPoint

The UK Female gamer and Massively Multiplayer Games. Aleks Krotoski, broadcaster and researcher at the University of Surrey.

Sandi Kurkdjian PowerPoint Alternative Dispute Resolution - avoiding litigation through dispute escalation clauses, adjudication and mediation.
Sandi Kurkdjian, Harbottle and Lewis LLP, London.

Link to Harbottle and Lewis
Link to Sandi's personal page

Maggie Parker PowerPoint

Alert and Ready to Defend - creating an interactive meditative environment with a non-threatening bias.
Maggie Parker, Researcher SpIDERS Interactive Digital Studio, University of Teeside.

Here are links to the AVIs that Maggie included in her talk. Please note that 'Mirrored-Maggie' is nearly 47Mb.
Mirrored Maggie
Test Render 1

Caroline Pelletier and Diane Carr, Institute of Education
Making Games, Playing Games - preliminary reports on a computer gaming club for girls.
Caroline reports on her work with girls and games authoring for the Making Games project, Diane reports on the girls' computer gaming preferences.

Link to Caroline's project 'MAKING GAMES developing games authoring software for educational and creative use' Link to Diane's project 'Digital Technology, Learning and game formats: COMPUTER GAMES, MOTIVATION AND GENDER in educational contexts'

Caroline's project
Diane's project

Tara Solesbury .pdf (Adobe Acrobat file)

A report on the Wired Sussex Game Girl Initiative.

Tara Solesbury - Project Manager at Wired Sussex

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