Keep your pirates happy in this pervasive RFID game

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Ambient Quest Pirate Moods was designed by Mark Eyles and developed by Neil Dansey, Ruiying Wang and Andy Bain.

Make your pirate happy by balancing these:
 - Timber-Canvas
 - Rum-Food
 - Gold-Cannon balls
Collect these supplies by holding your pirate card near the poster boards.
When your pirate is happy hold your pirate card near the 'fire cannons' board to defeat the attacking kraken!

Ambient Quest Pirate Moods was first played at the University of Portsmouth on 11th December 2009.

Find out more about ambient games and Ambient Quest here: Ambient role playing games: towards a grammar of endlessness and here: slides for a presentation on ambient role playing games

The Ambient Quest games were created primarily as a tool for academic research, though there seem to be possible future commercial applications for ambient games.

Images from Ambient Quest: Pirate Moods

Pirate Cards RFID cards Pirate electronics Pirate equipment Pirate Moods diagram
More pirate equipment Yet more pirate equipment Pirate players Pirate screen

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Dr Mark Eyles

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Neil Dansey's Determined Software

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