Ambient Quest AMBIENT QUEST version 2.2
A pervasive game that is as ignorable as it is interesting

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Ambient Quest screenshots: Version 1, Version 2.2 Aztec Myth and Hostile Planet themes. Click images for full size screens.


About Ambient Quest:

Ambient Quest was designed by Mark Eyles and coded by Neil Dansey of Determined Software with graphics by Mike Rawlings (email Mike) and is not freeware. However, for a limited time, it is freely available for download from this website. We offer no guarantees with this software and do not offer any technical support. Ambient Quest has been used on a variety of PCs running Windows XP and is not resource hungry.

Download the latest version of Ambient Quest: Ambient Quest zip file (3.8Mb) or Ambient Quest rar file (2.8Mb) (C) Mark Eyles and Neil Dansey, 2007-8. By downloading Ambient Quest you are agreeing to Determined Software's terms and conditions, see the 'Legal bit' at the bottom of this webpage before downloading.

Ambient Quest version 1.0 was first played at the Women in Games 2007 Conference, 19th-21st April 2007. The Ambient Quest version 1.0 web page is here: Ambient Quest version 1.0

Find out more about ambient games and Ambient Quest here: Ambient role playing games: towards a grammar of endlessness and here: slides for a presentation on ambient role playing games

Please contact Mark Eyles with any thoughts or observations on Ambient Quest or ambient games. Ambient Quest was created primarily as a tool for academic research, though there seem to be possible future commercial applications for ambient games.

Game instructions:

Unpack the files, keeping the folder structure intact (you end up with a folder containing 'images' and 'logs' folders and an AQv2.2.exe file).

To play the game run the AQv2.2.exe file by double clicking it. There is no need to install Ambient Quest and it does not copy files anywhere else on your computer. The game loads up into a window on your desktop. Press the 'I' key for instructions. You can quit at any time by pressing the 'Esc' key.

Contact details:
Dr Mark Eyles

Determined Software
Neil Dansey's Determined Software

The legal bit:

This product is distributed "as is". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. Customers use this software at their own risk. Determined Software will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software.

Determined Software has made every effort to ensure that this software is in good working order, and that information contained within external files and this website is correct. However, Determined Software does not guarantee that this software is 100% free from errors or that the information (particularly regarding minimum technical requirements) is 100% accurate.