Happiness – paying attention to your mind

Happiness – paying attention to your mind

Finding time to pursue our intellectual and creative interests can be difficult when we are busy with work and perhaps raising a family. Our work and responsiblities can mean that we do not prioritise time for our interests and passions. It is worth the effort to re-discover and make time for what we love doing and learning about as this can truly nourish our souls.

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled


As humans we are hardwired to learn and to be creative. When we learn and have new experiences we generate new brain cells and neural connections. Moreover engaging in learning encourages us to learn more about ourselves. This process of self discovery and self understanding are steps towards realising our Dharma or purpose in life.

Our learning can be anything that we are interested and passionate about. Whether it is an intellectual pursuit such as learning a new language and reading about the culture of that language, or whether it is a more creative pursuit such as learning to play an instrument or learning to paint, draw and craft. These are all examples of learning a new skill and stimulating and looking after your mind.

By stimulating our minds and taking steps towards realising our Dharma we positively affect our wellbeing in so many ways, for example it:

  • Helps us to stay engaged in life and connect to our true selves.
  • Gives us a sense of accomplishment.
  • Boosts our self confidence.
  • Makes us more resilient.
  • Feeds our energy and spirit.

The starting point for learning and creativity is to be


For example, if you enjoy yoga as a physical practice, you may enjoy delving into the historical and spiritual aspects more deelply. There are so many books and resources out there and I will update my blogs to include resources that may be of interest.

Here is a yoga flow to help you put these ideas into practice: